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Compliance Control Division of FUIB carries out monitoring of the compliance with the principles of conscientiousness when providing services for customers, bank secrecy, protection of a database, compliance of the offered product with customer's order. Compliance Control Division also monitors the veracity, completeness, objectivity and timeliness of information provided by the bank in accordance with laws and regulations for public authorities, partners, clients and the public.

The Bank provides the society with truthful and accurate information about its processes, products and services. FUIB constantly improves business transparency. The Bank timely discloses complete and reliable information, including information about its financial position and economic indicators. Thus, shareholders and investors can make informed decisions and customers have the necessary information about their financial partner.

Procedure for declaration of external activities of the personnel has been functioning in the bank since 2012 and it was updated in 2017. It is established there that employees shall necessarily inform the bank about their external activities. This information is analyzed and it is determined whether or not conflict of interest exists between the employee, the bank, its customers and counterparties. Furthermore, the procedure for delivery and receipt of gifts and invitations has been in effect in the bank since 2012 and it was updated in 2017.

Anti-monopoly Compliance Policy, the main purpose of which is to prevent the occurrence of violations in the field of competition law on the part of responsible divisions of the bank, was approved by the bank in 2014 and updated in 2017.

In 2016, FUIB adopted the “Anti-Corruption Program of PJSC FUIB” and finalized in 2018. It establishes a set of rules, standards and procedures for identifying, counteracting and preventing corruption and is applied in all areas of the bank's activities.

A transparent system of corporate management has been implemented in FUIB. In 2018, FUIB did not make findings of the facts of prosecution of employees in connection with corruption.

Ethics and Business Conduct Committee, which is comprised of the top managers of the bank, was created and operates in the bank. The Committee ensures the implementation in FUIB of uniform standards and principles of the SCM businesses in the field of corporate ethics and business conduct.